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The assassin crouched in the vents above the docking bay. Below him, a short haired woman walked with a male turian. The turian's hands waved in the air as he told some eccentric story, and the woman laughed, shaking her head.
The woman was none other than the famous Commander Ala Shepard. She was his target. Taking her out would be a tremendous task, but Than Krios never failed.
Moving silently, he followed the two, watching carefully. They stopped just by the elevator, and hugged briefly. The turian moved inside the elevator, while Shepard stayed where she was, leaning casually against the wall. This was what Thane had been waiting for. His target was alone now. But that didn't mean she was defenseless. Even from up there, he could see the pistol attached to her hip. There was a shotgun, too, slung over her back and within easy reach. She wasn't in full armour, but there was no doubt in Thane's mind she had some form of defenses; kinetic barriers, hidden armour underneath her civilia
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Cheedo and Toast stood in the cavernous vault that had once kept them prisoners. It was smaller than Toast remembered, and smelled of dried mould.
Toast was emotionless save for the slight curling of her lip. As she stared into the vault, taking in the familiar white stairs and dingy side rooms, anger rose inside her - towards Joe, and they things he did, and towards the vault, which was as much her captor has he had been.
Beside her, Cheedo gave a small sigh, shrinking against Toast's side, as if she could somehow hide behind the much smaller woman. "Do we have to go in?”
Toast shook her head. She would never make Cheedo - or any of her sisters - do somehing they didn't want to. Their days of being controlled were over. "You can stay here. I just need to get some things." And then she would never set foot inside that awful vault again.
She shook, clutching the strap of a small bag on her shoulder as she stepped inside, feeling the familiar stone against her bare feet. A chastity
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Halloween or April Fool's?
Outside parties are a weird concept - especially when it’s eleven at night in October. Clearly not everyone feels the same - almost the entirety of Jean Grey’s School are outside,  partying like there’s no tomorrow.
There’s alcohol too - carefully kept out of the way of the younger kids, but the teenagers are allowed a small drop. As one of the only sober ones around, you have a lot of blackmail material you can catch on video.
Well, it is Halloween - evidenced by the fact almost everyone is wearing ridiculous costumes. Even the every gothic Rogue is dressed up - albeit in an outfit she thinks is ‘cool’. The only people who aren’t dressed up are you, a few of the kids, and Mortimer Toynbee.
Speaking of, you see him across the garden chatting with Scott. Now that beer and vodka has whittled away Scott’s tough jock nature, he seems to quite like him. Good - someone needs to give Mort a second chance. He hasn’t exactly had an easy
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The Ace
They were half lives; doomed to die at young ages. The only chance for them was to die in battle, to open the gates and spent an eternity in Valhalla.
Ace was a war boy. A half life. So why did he keep on going when everyone around him was getting sicker by the day? He had tumours - most of them did. And while they got bigger and made his breathing raspy and short, they weren’t terminal.
He watched his best friend die not long after the Immortan’s rule began. He had died at eight thousand days; passed away in his sleep. Painless. But he wouldn’t have made it to Valhalla, dying soft.
Seven hundred days later another friend died, screaming ‘witness!’ as his car went up in flames, the smoke billowing up and blocking out the sun.
From that day on, Ace was alone. He tried to be friends with the other boys, but it wasn’t the same. The three of them had been through everything together - he would never find friends like that again.
Time passed, and every da
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A 1,000 word oneshot on your desired characters

-original or fandom (please provide adequate info)
-max of four characters
-can do canon/oc or canon/reader ships
-no NSFW or kink material
Lineless Art!
A cute, simple lineless style

-flat colour
-waist up or knee up
-humans and simple alien/monster designs only please!
Flat Colour OCs!
A knee-up picture of your OC or a canon character.

-flat colour or basic shading
-OC or canon character
-basic geometric background
-humans, monsters, aliens, etc
-no furries, gore/NSFW or extreme body horror


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United Kingdom
A small goth from Scotland. Loves X-Men, Bioshock and the 50's aesthetic. Also a writer who actually draws more than writes. Oops.
hey all! I've had a devaintart before but it went unused for about two years. Rather than delete everything and re-upload newer stuff it was easier to just remake!

i'm going to upload most of my stuff all at once, since i have so much unposted art. after, uploads will be way more sparse.

for a writer i sure do draw a lot huh

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